September is Australian Organic Awareness Month and Angove Family Winemakers are again a Silver Sponsor.

The campaign runs for the whole month and is spearheaded by Australian Organic, the peak industry body representing the organic industry.

Powerful cross-sector messaging will be directed at consumers and this year the campaign will once again merge food and drink with beauty and textiles for 360 coverage of the organic industry – we hope you can be involved by purchasing organic products throughout the month.

The Angove team will be out in force (where they can be) with instore tastings, promotions and displays highlighting the Naturalis organic range and the benefits of farming our vineyards and crafting our wines to an organic protocol.

Australia has the largest area of land dedicated to organic farming and organic produce sales have surged in  the last 2 years, experiencing over 12.5% growth in average shopper spend per year since the last Australian Organic Market report was conducted in 2019. This growth has been driven by consumers attitudes to what they purchase changing with a greater focus on wellbeing, supporting local farmers and sustainability.

With the organic market in its strongest position in history, everyone across the sector is encouraged to get involved and make an impact. To find out more visit the Australian Organic website and join up to the Bud Club.